Fantasy Football Champion Belt

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The Fantasy Football Champion Belt is an awesomely unique trophy for your fantasy football league. With four plates on the belt, you can add winners to the belt over multiple seasons and pass this belt around as an object of envy amongst your league. The letters "FFL" can be changed to add personalization for your fantasy team for an additional customization fee. Check out some of our other fantasy football awards, like the Fantasy Football Triumph Trophy and the Fantasy Football Man Trophy.

All trophies come with free custom engraving.

We specialize in Custom Trophies, so if you have any Far Out ideas, just Contact Us and we will gladly assist you.

Fantasy Football Champion Belt measures 23.25 x 10 x 2.

Reviews (1)

Waleed 20th Mar 2014


This belt is unbelievable. It is perfect in every way. The main part is thick wood painted gold and looks great without being too heavy. It really stands out since its not just a thin plate. I paid extra to replace the "ffl" with my league name KABOOT. It was worth the extra money because it makes the belt more unique and perfect rather than a generic ffl. We are making this belt perpetual so each year the new winner will get to keep it. We engraved the last 4 winners on the side plate. There is room for many more years on the plates. The plan is for this belt to be in the league for many years. And now everyone in the league wants to win the championship that much more because they want the belt. I recommend it to everyone. Literally not a single bad thing to say about it. If you can spend the money, DO IT.