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Far Out Promotions

Promotional products are a unique advertising medium that if used correctly can save you money and get you more customers, all while fortifying and distinguishing your brand!

A pen is just a pen, but a pen branded with a company logo, name or slogan is now an effective promotional product. However, here at Far Out Awards, we offer much more then just pens and t-shirts. Essentially any item under the sun can be custom printed and designed to fit you and your company's needs.

From a custom t-shirt cannon to the custom t-shirts that get fired out of it - to custom cookies with your edible logo printed directly on it and the custom cookie jar they go in. The possibilities are endless, so don't limit your imagination! Promotional merchandise is used globally to promote brands, products, and your corporate identity.

Our approach is to come up with creative and memorable products that will create memories and keep your company's name and message in front of your customers for years to come. We spend more time, energy and imagination than any other company to come up with products that will represent you and your brand while ensuring these products are engaging, useful, appreciated, and retained by your customers. Thus, repeatedly displaying your brand and image over and over at no additional cost! That is the magic of Far Out Promotions!



You've herd the phrase "dress for success," well this classic adage also applies to promotional products. For example, if you want to look professional, all you employees should have nice, matching uniforms. We offer name brand clothing options to fit every budget and will get you and your business looking your best. You can also dress your customers with custom printed hats and shirts, these are perfect for events, giveaways, and even for resale! Custom apparel can be anything imaginable, from silicone bracelets, to custom diamond watches...MORE


Automotive promotional products are really effective because so many of us drive every single day and for over an hour each day. If you own a body shop, car dealership or are a mechanic, automotive promotional products are a no brainer! But, even if you do not, these products can still work wonders. Browse through these examples for some ideas, but with Far Out Promotions, the sky is the limit. These examples are just to give you some ideas, but any and every product can essentially become a promotional product.


Custom bags is an extremely diverse category of promotional products and can be used in a multitude of ways. Plastic or paper bags are great for retailers at the checkout line, or go a step further and offer your clients the option of purchasing an eco-friendly tote bag. Not only can you make money off the sale of the tote bag, your customers will appreciate your environmental awareness and use the bag for other purposes, being constantly reminded of your brand. Custom tote bags are also essential for trade shows. By providing branded bags, you...MORE


Capitalize on the growing Smart Phone trend by promoting your business with unique and functional promotional products. For better or worse, people seem to be addicted to their phones, and you can benefit from this with branded promotional products. If your business is mobile related, for example a phone repair shop or retailer, these items are essential for your success. However, any business can benefit from the right mix of promotional products. At Far Out Promotions we gauge your business needs and carefully select the right products just for you...MORE


With technology everywhere, even in our pockets, you cannot go wrong with computer/technology related promotional items. Your customers will not only be impressed with these great items, but they will also use them throughout their daily routine. At Far Out Promotions we strive to ensure that all the promotional products you use for your business are of the highest quality and extremely practical. Your clients will use these products and thus be reminded of your brand regularly. Please take a look through these product examples, but remember this is just a glimpse...MORE


If you can eat or drink it, Far Out Promotions can make it into an effective and memorable promotional product. Anything from custom candies for offices and waiting areas, to custom food boxes to send to special employees or clients. We can take name brand candies and wrap them in your very own custom packaging or create custom chocolates stamped with your logo right into it! Custom disposable water bottles are great for business who take customers on long tours or out doors. They are also great for events, parties, picnics, and 5k's...MORE


If you are an environmentally conscious company, eco-friendly promotional products are a perfect fit for you. However, any business can benefit by taking advantage of this hot trend. Consumers are very informed and prefer to patronize businesses who reflect their ideals. Today's most successful companies have adopted environmentally friendly stances or campaigns and now you can to! Please contact us and we would be glad to learn all about your business and come up with a mix of promotional items that are sure to help you reach your goals...MORE


If you are putting on a charity golf tournament or corporate golf outing, Far Out Promotions has the coolest custom golf items! If your golf event has sponsors, we have golf related items that can printed on in multiple places, this is great for large events with many sponsors. Golf related promotional items are also great for golf courses and golf related businesses. All of our products are of the highest quality and your customers will use these over and over again whenever they play golf. The following products are just examples of what we are capable of...MORE


If your company does a lot of business to business transactions, then promotional desk top items can really help boost your sales. Imagine giving out custom desk top calendars to all your clients and having them see your company name and information each and every day. If it is an office supply or used on a desk, Far Out Promotions can custom brand it, thus turning it into a powerful promotional tool. Desk top items are not right for everybody, so please contact us so we may learn more about you and your needs. The following items and ideas are just a small...MORE

Bar & Restaurant

Owning a restaurant or bar is a lot of hard work and the most important goal is to get new customers and retain loyal customers. Besides, of course your excellent service, the best way to do that is through effective promotional products. Knowing what products will work best for you depends on the type of establishment you own, your target market, and specific goals you want to achieve. Our passion here at Far Out Promotions is to asses your needs and supply you with the right tools to succeed. The examples shown are just some ideas to get your brain...MORE


If you can drink out of it, we can customize the colors and print your logo on it! Whether you are looking for a unique souvenir cup to help boost sales at your restaurant or you need custom water bottles for a charity 5k, we would love to help you! We even have custom Red Cups, yes, the cups used for beer pong. These are great for corporate parties and not so corporate parties! We can source any style cup imaginable and all sorts of material - such as glass, acrylic, ceramic, plastic, and even crystal. What ever it is you are looking for, you came to the right place!


Every business person knows time is money, so having a promotional calendar is a great way to help keep your customers organized and on time. Whenever your clients use and look at the calendar, your logo and company information will be there to remind them of you and your great product or service. Feel free to browse through these calendar examples, however remember this is just a small sample. Far Out Promotions can make any type of calendar, for instance a 365 day calendar with a page for each day or a standard wall calendar with your...MORE


Writing is essential in business, so custom pens and pencils is a sure way to keep your name in front of your clients. Cheap custom pens are perfect for offices or any business, as customers will usually pocket these, and now they have a functional business card of yours! We can even get pens with a built in stylus, so your customers will be sure to save them and use them all the time on their smart phones and tablets. High quality pens also make great gifts. For example, you can choose from all the leading brands, such as Mont Blanc and Cross...MORE


Exceptional employees and clients deserve gifts and recognition. However, these gifts don't need to only cost you money, in fact, giving the right gift can make you more money! Giving promotional gifts to employees will boost their satisfaction, thus reducing employee turnover and increasing happiness and productivity. Also, recognizing and rewarding loyal clients will create stronger relationships, thus fortifying a long and prosperous relationship. The following examples are just some ideas. If you are interested in coming up with some Far Out gifts...MORE

Promotional Products for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries since the internet and Far Out Awards has the best weed trophies and cannabis awards for any event. Our Bud Cup Trophy is great for any 420 or weed related event. We also offer the best cannabis promotional products for any event. Please check out our friends at Custom Cones USA for custom pre-rolled cones, which also make great promotional products.

How Do We Begin?

  • We will want to know your marketing objective(s). For example are you a non-profit looking to attract more volunteers or get more money from donors. Or maybe you are a local business that wants to attract more customers, turn these customers into loyal customers, and reduce employee turnover. We are a full service company that can help you with all your needs.
  • What type of event you are putting on? Are you gearing up for a tradeshow, putting on an employee party, or just looking for promotional products to use for everyday purposes? Let us know how these products will be used.
  • Who is your target demographic audience?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you need the product to be delivered?
  • Tell us about yourself and your company/organization. What are your core beliefs and how do you position yourself. What is your relationship with your target market?
  • We offer thousands of promotional products in every category and to meet every budget. After we talk with you, we will come back with several suggestions and ideas utilizing the most creative and trend setting products all carefully selected to meet all your objectives.

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