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Custom Plaques

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    Recognition is extremely important and you want to make sure you make it known you appreciate those extra hard workers. Far Out Awards has the widest and most diverse options when it comes to award plaques. If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, please check out our Corporate Plaque section.

  • If you are looking for something a little more custom, Far Out Awards has the widest array of different style plaques to choose from. You can have any shape custom cut and etched in metal.

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    Our dye-sublimated plaques are extremely vibrant and rich in color. If you want your logo or custom art work to really pop, this style plaque is very affordable and versatile.

  • Far Out Award's premier art team will design the most eye catching contemporary designs or collaborate with you on one of your own Far Out ideas. What sets Far Out Awards apart from the competition is the three dimensional elements to these luxurious plaques.

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    Another custom plaque option is our framed plaques. Encased in a beautiful wood frame, you can have literally anything framed or engraved on this type of plaque. Common inserts are certificates, custom metal etchings, or resin sculptures.

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