Custom plaques at Far Out Awards are not your typical custom plaque – you can customize just about anything for your plaque, whether that be the plaque material (such as faux wood, solid wood, marble, and even glass!) or adding any type of food or drink to your plaque – anything is possible! Custom plaques are perfect for any office or business. Employees freak out when they see a Far Out Award and they are such a morale booster! Customize a plaque today and watch the smiles and laughter break out and the competition grow fierce!


Contact Us and Let Us Help Create Your Custom Plaque

If you want a custom plaque with any type of food or drink, we can make it happen! Mix and match and food you see on our site or request something you haven’t been able to find – chances are we can make it! Also, plaques come in all shapes and sizes, so if you are looking for something really small or big just contact us and we will help create the perfect award for you.


Employee of the month plaques are a great way to spur some friendly office competition. You’ll be surprised how much fun your employees, staff, or volunteers have when they see your custom Far Out Plaque! You can easily order additional nameplates, so you can update these awards whenever you need to, plus you can customize your plaque with a removable photo frame – so you can insert any individual or team photo!


If you are looking for a fancier plaque, we have solid wood, metal, marble, and glass plaques as well! All our plaques come with free custom engraving and you can also add your logo to any custom plaque. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for – just contact us, as we can create any type of custom plaque!