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Custom Sports Trophies


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    You take your fantasy team very seriously, so why not take your fantasy trophy just as seriously!? If you are looking for a fantasy sports trophy that does not look like a cheap little league trophy, you came to the perfect place. At Far Out Awards, we will custom make anything, no matter how crazy and Far Out your idea may be!

  • If you want a custom fantasy trophy and it involves beers, you can custom insert any item inside or on top of the beers. For example, we have done fantasy football trophies with the players favorite team helmet inside the beer.

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    Or create a fantasy trophy with random inside joke items inside the beers. You can send us your own personal items or just request any random object in a beer or drink and we will get it for you!

  • Custom fantasy trophies can be something as simple as turning one our standard trophies into a perpetual or traveling trophy. If you want any of our trophies made into a perpetual trophy, so many names can be added, this is no problem. Additional names can be ordered through us year after year and be added with ease.

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    We want your fantasy trophy to be as unique and fun as your fantasy league, so remember everything is possible here at Far Out Awards! Let your creative mind go to town when coming up with your own custom Far Out award, we can do anything!

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